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DomainPlex Data & Tools

What is DomainPlex?

DomainPlex allows for streamlined programmatic access to domain name and internet related datasets such as DNS, whois, web crawl data, appraisals, domain categorization and hundreds of other data points.

API Features

Here is a partial list of the features available through our API:

Generate Instant Domain Appraisals
Generate End-User Leads for Domains
Parse Domains, Identify Words and Language
Assess Domain Trademarks and Risk
Whois Check: Extract Registrant and Email
Analyze Advertisers and Keyword Results
Monthly Keyword Search and CPC
Check Domains for DNS and Live Availability
Access Historical Domain Sales Records
Crawl Domain: Title, Metadata Extraction
Download Drop Lists, Processed Zone Files
Generate Typos and Domain Ideas

Ready to try it out?

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