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Frequently Asked Questions

Our most frequently asked questions and answers are outlined below.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Q. What is the cost for accessing the API?

A. Costs are based on query volumes, tools accessed and usage purpose. Some users will receive free access while others will pay a small fee. For example, those seeking to create new services with our data and tools may receive free access while users of established commercial services may have to pay a fixed or per-query fee. Our prices are guaranteed to be fair and competitive.

Who can access the API?

A. Our API was designed for domaining startups as well as established online services. We are a data and tools wholesaler. At this time we do not provide access to individuals looking to query our API for their own internal needs.

Q. How fast is the API?

A. API speed is determined by the tool you query (ex: whois, lead generator, appraiser) and size of the input to be processed (ex: one domain VS thousands of domains). Most tools return data for single queries instantly, while other tools take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours.

Q. How well does the API scale? Can it handle thousands of domains?

A. Our infrastructure is extremely scalable. We currently process over 500,000 domain queries per day.

Q. How many queries can I send?

A.Query volume is based on the tool you query (ex: whois, lead generator, appraiser) and account type. Our volumes are set by your needs.

Q. Is there an API documentation available?

A.Yes. We have a comprehensive API documentation available here.

Q. Is there a test environment available?

A.There is no test environment at this time.

What can I use the API for?

A.The API offers a rich set of features and can be used to develop many products and services. For example, you can use the API to create your own Whois service or to create a data keyword service. The API can be accessed through both web based scripts as well as desktop based applications.